Fred Drury's Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Statement

I first became interested in making images when I attended Montreal's EXPO '67. I tried SCUBA at about the same time. My interest in both continued, constrained by the time limits of my business career and the financial limits of raising a family. I became a certified diver in '87 and started photographing underwater shortly thereafter.

I find coral reefs to be magical places. They are filled with life on several levels. On the first level, one is immediately conscious of the local reef fish and the pelagics. On the next level one becomes aware of the colors, shapes and texture of the variety of corals. When I learned to stop and observe quietly for a few minutes, I found a third level that consists of an incredible variety of invertebrate-life. Small, shy and vulnerable, these life forms are well camouflaged and only show themselves when they feel unthreatened. The reward is worth the wait !!

When I started diving, I also started doing a lot more land-based photography too. Certainly the skills one uses above the water are identical to those one uses underwater. More to the point however working underwater requires that one be intuitively familiar with one's camera and all of its functionality, so the knowledge gained on the surface is not only important, but is critical to one's success underwater. I especially enjoy nature photography . both landscapes and macro.

For the future I plan to do a lot more image making both on land and underwater. I intend to continue my interest in printmaking, both traditional and otherwise. Archival digital printmaking is cutting edge technology that involves hardware and software, new inks and papers, and thereby creates opportunities for creativity.

I am a member of the faculty at the College of DuPage and a staff lecturer in the Natural History Education Department at The Morton Arboretum, both in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I teach Underwater Photography, Photoshop and Color Management. I am a regular presenter at Our World Underwater, the annual Midwest dive exhibition and symposium. I also regularly present at SWMCCC, and will be making several Photoshop presentations there in July, 2005.


Shows and Publications
  • Shedd Aquarium, Chicago: featured with 30+ images in new Coral Reef Exhibit
  • Featured artist; Whitefish Bay Gallery, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  • 2002 Ox Bow Benefit, Print donated & auctioned
  • One-person show; University Club, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
  • Juried Shows, College of DuPage & Bloomingdale Museum
  • Featured artist; Whitefish Bay Gallery, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  • Ox Bow Benefit, Print donated & auctioned
  • 2000 Juried Show, DuPage County Forest Preserve
  • One-person show; College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  • One-person show; Wheaton Library, Wheaton, Illinois
  • Juried Show, College of DuPage
Private Collections

Chicago & Suburbs, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Seattle, London (Ontario), Toronto, Montreal

  • College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 1962-1957 McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • Workshops: Dan Margulis, Chicago & Toronto; Barry Haynes, Oregon; Jon Cone, East Topsham, Vermont; Stan Waterman, Fiji; Freeman Patterson, New Brunswick, Canada; Marty Snyderman, Cayman Islands
  • Selected for Coral Reef Foundation Calendar
  • 2003-1999 Numerous awards; Chicago Area Camera Club Association
  • 2001 Photographer-of-the-year: Nature Study & Camera Club of The Morton Arboretum
  • Numerous awards; EPIC Underwater Photo Competition
  • Awards; Ford Seahorses Underwater Photo Competition
  • Award; Seaspace Underwater Photo Competition
  • 2000 Award; Scubafest Underwater Photo Competition
  • 1997 First Prize: Papua New Guinea Underwater Photo Competition